Montag, 1. August 2016

Hobby week at the Howling Wolves Saloon

Howdie saloon visitors,

I decided to do a hobby week! Or at least I will try to do so. The last weeks there wasn´t much progress on my hobby table. In fact my work space looks like an ugly mess.

For several reasons I was not able to paint a lot. I decided to change this. However there is not much time (as always) but I will try nevertheless. With hobby week I mean that I try to paint up to one hour a day during the next week. Maybe there is a day I don´t find the time for it but maybe there is a day where I paint more. We will see what happens. I try to do this without any pressure. On top to get some more activity to this blog I try to do some quick posts on my progress and I have to catch up with some articles about miniatures I finished over the last weeks.

Lately I created an Instagram account. I think this is a nice place to do some work in progress shots right from my table. And maybe this is also the right place to show my hobby week progress. So if you like to have a look or if you want to follow me feel invited to do so. Follow the link to reach my Instagram page. It would be my pleasure.

What´s on my table (or better working plan) you might ask. At the moment I´m working on Aramouse from Cartoon Miniatures. I just couldn´t withstand to paint it up and I made good progress on it. I reached a point where I started to crack my head about the base I want to put it on. So this is one task, finish Aramouse and start a base for him.

Then there is this beautiful Papa Jambo bust from the Black Sailors series from Big Child Creatives. This one is waiting for cleaning and assembling to finally get some basecoat on it. It will be my next big project in the future.

And last but not least there is a really long time project that is waiting for some more progress. I think I started this around 2 - 2,5 years ago and somehow lost myself somewhere between painting the minature and base build up. But now motivation is coming back to work again on it. Maybe I can do some work on this one during the week too.

So, you see there are quite some pieces to work on. In latter picture in the background on the left side you can also spot an in between miniature I throw some colour onto whenever I think there are the right hues on my palette.

Stay tuned for more and lets start the week,

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