Freitag, 29. Juli 2016

Review: Cartoon Miniatures - Graydalf and Aramouse

Short facts:
Scale: 40 mm
Material: Gray Resin
No of pieces: various
Sculptor: Stepan Nikolaev
Distributor: CartoonMiniatures


today I want to do a review of two really great miniatures I fell in love with as soon as I spotted them. As you all might know I´m a huge Lord of the rings fan and therefore it is quite obvious that cartoon miniatures hit a sweet spot with this creation. But have a look on your own: May I present Graydalf and Aramouse to you fine folks!

What can I tell you about these nice miniatures?  Well, the most important information is about the quality. What I can tell you is that it is really top notch. The miniatures come in a nice box with lots of foam for protection. There were no broken or missing parts. 

This is what Aramouse looks like when you take him right out of the box.

Quite some parts but all of time in top quality. It was hard for me to find mould lines. I had one or two minor bubbles from the production process, but nothing worse at all. Assembly just took me a few minutes as the fitting of the parts is just perfect. Cleaning work was also done in the blink of an eye. 

The price of these two miniatures is 18 Euro each. With regard to the really awesome quality this is quite a bargain in my eyes. I´m afraid I have to buy all nine of the fellowship as soon as they are available.... damn....

So, just a short review from my side but I can only give you a buying recommendation. If you are a lord of the rings fan and a miniature lover there is no way around them. So far from my side. See some more pictures below.



  1. You made a mistake with the name of the sculptor. Regards.

  2. You made a mistake with the name of the sculptor. Regards.

  3. @RantaN:
    You´re right. I mixed this up. Corrected it. Thanks for the hint! Best regards

  4. Not at all . I just felt a little pity for himself. I'm invested in them of themselves. Glad you liked the series. In autumn it is required to continue, there will be villains. Best regards, Stepan Nikolaev. ;)

  5. @RantaN:
    Yeah, villains! Recently I saw the Sarumouse on Facebook and this one is really gorgeous!
    By the way, do you know when the other members of the fellowship will be available for purchase?

  6. Scar,
    The exact date is not known to me, unfortunately. Probably in late September, early October in the sale will be a dwarf and an elf. Casting all 10 pieces are ready, delayed the artists involved in painting. Holiday season.