Montag, 31. August 2015

About first steps in painting miniatures

Hi to all of you,

recently my wife told me that she would like to paint a miniatures.... I was stunned... you want what? Yes, I got it right... she decided to give it a try.... ok, thats cool I thought. Normally she isn´t into painting miniatures. She always said that it is to small for her and that she is not patient enough and actually she has her own hobbies she spends her time with. Like sewing or playing piano. 

Ok, so then let´s start.... She decided to make a small gift for Roman from Massive Voodoo that she handed over to him during my private practice course back in July. She chose a miniature from the Sedition Wars board game to give it a try and with some help and hints from my side she painted her first miniature and this is the result:

Sonntag, 30. August 2015

Deckhand - Imperial Armada Crew - 2

Ahoi to all,

weather, work and private stuff kept me away from posting something during the last weeks. Somehow I had to recognize that I don´t like hot weather at the moment. The ups and downs of the weather here in Germany during the last weeks was kind of exhausting for me. Today it is again beyond 30°C but I decided to give you a quick update anyway and I want to show you some pictures of a Freebooters Fate miniature I painted. 

Despite the fact that I did not post anything I was not totally unproductive. I also spend some time at the painting table and worked on a bust. The Ram Tribe Warrior from Forged Monkey. The bust is finished and I´m waiting for some plinths I ordered to give it the finishing touches. I also prepared an in depth article (more a diary) about the painting process. As soon as everything is finished I will show it to you. 

In the meanwhile I painted the second miniature for the Imperial Armada Crew. After the time consuming work on the bust it was good to paint something quick.