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Review - Random Encounter


time for a new review! 

Some of you might already know this little fellow. I saw him once when I roomed around on putty and paint and suddenly fell in love with the sculpt. So, for sure I had to get a copy for my collection. As I feel it in my guts that this might be one of the next miniatures I want to paint in the grim dark of the not so distant future (hehehe...) it is time for a short review.

Short facts:
Sculpture: Jonatán Monerris
Material: Resin
Number of parts of the kit: 3
Scale: 54 mm
Distributor: FeR Miniatures

 This is what the blister looks like when you get it. 

Random Encounter

Nothing special, a solid little plastic case with a nice paintjob on the front. So far so good. Once you open the box you hold this in hands.

A three part model. A solid main body, a very thin blade and the right hand. No protecting foam at the inside. Something I will never understand. Two models I received in the past had broken parts and maybe this could have been avoided with a little bit more protection. Ok, good, this time I was lucky and no harm was taken by the model itself. Lucky me!

Let´s have a look at the quality of the cast. To make it short: This is just perfect. No holes or dents and nearly no flash lines at all. 

Assembly is, as you easily can imagine, very straight forward and should lead you quickly to the following result. I did build up a quick base (some adaptations will be made). This time I want to focus more on the paint job rather then on the base.

For me this is definitely a must have miniature. Perfect quality, nice scultpure and a miniature perfect to tell a little story with. No overloaden sculpt and a lot of free areas. Therefore one is able to focus on the paint job itself.

That´s it for today. Stay tuned to see this little fellow in a coloured version.

All the best

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